Scavolini Plant

Scavolini's size has increased significantly and today boasts industrial plants totaling 2,197,353 sqft. (of which 973,478 covered). 540 employees work in these plants

1. The plant comprises 1.520 polycrystalline panels installed on a surface area measuring 2,500m²/26.909 foot²


  • annual power: 400.000 kWh
  • 213.000Kg/469.576Lbs of Co2 not released in the atmosphere
  • 88.000 Lt/553.50 US barrels Oil of gas oil saved
  • 28.000 trees preserved from cutting down
  • Hot water is guaranteed by solar panels

2. The main plant, which will be operating soon, will comprise 36.000m²/387.500 foot² panels with an installed power of around 3.100 kWp.

  • Annual production: around 3.500.000 kWh

Two photovoltaic systems will produce green energy for Scavolini allowing the company to reach
almost complete energy autonomy. WWW.SCAVOLINIGREENMIND.IT

Green Energy with Zero E Plant


The entire carcase of Scavolini units consists of wood particle panels. This material offers excellent performance levels in terms of durability and stability, has as well as environmental credentials. Scavolini uses only FSC-certified Ecological panels, produced from recycled wood which does not require new trees to be felled.


We have already replanted and protected 5 hectares/12.35 Acres of forest, equating to approximately 7 football fields, in relation to the electricity consumption for 2009 of around 2.700.000 kWh.


For more information please visit: WWW.SCAVOLINIGREENMIND.IT

Product Testing: Quality Control System

  • Verification of the low formaldehyde emissions of panels.
  • Surfaces’ resistance to light and the action of various liquids.
  • Panels’ water-resistance.
  • Panels’ resistance of edges and surfaces to heat.
  • Hinges’ resistance to door opening, saline fog, drawer opening.
  • Resistance of chairs, tables, varnishes and wooden doors to the wet-dry cycle.