How long will it take till my product gets on my site?

It really depends on the size of your project and how long our design process might take but typically it takes between 14-16 weeks after placing your order.

What is the price range?

It really depends on the project size, also the type of material and the finishes you choose. Scavolini offers a wide range of design lines along with different materials and finishes which help us match almost any budgets. 

It is always a good idea to have a budget in your mind so we can match the best design solution for your project.

What if one part of my millwork gets damaged on the job site?

Siema has a handy carpenter and installer, they have trained according to our standard. We always make sure we have extra material in the warehouse in case there is a damaged part we can replace.

What if I order my product off you, Who is going to install it?

Siema has its own full time trained installer that they can take care of your project.

Do you know any contractor? 

There are few companies that we often work with and we can refer them in case you might need one.

What can you supply for my renovation?

All the millwork and accessories.

We are a one stop shop, you can buy your kitchen cabinetry, vanities, tv wall, living room shelves, laundry room millwork, walk-in closet, medicine cabinets. They are all available as a separate cabinetry or you can also choose your countertops with a great selection of accessories. Scavolini also can offer stools, chairs, tables, sofas,etc.

Do you provide countertops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures (sinks, taps, tubs, etc.)?

We can provide a selection of countertops sourced from Scavolini or locally. With regard to appliances and plumbing fixtures, we do not typically sell them directly. However, we would be happy to assist you in selecting fixtures and units that would complement your design.

How long will it take for you to design my kitchen, living room, or bathroom?

Once we have met with you and have all the necessary information and measurements, the initial design process may take between 7-10 days, depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

What is the lead time for a kitchen or bathroom?

All of our products are manufactured in Italy according to your specifications. As such, the average delivery time can range from 13-14 weeks, depending on the confirmed elements and finishes.

What is your warranty?

Scavolini products are covered by a 5-year comprehensive warranty, beginning from the date of installation.

Can you give my architect or interior designer a CAD or Sketchup File?

Yes, Scavolini 3D Model is able to generate CAD, SKP files.

Are you working in new construction and multi unit projects?

Yes, We do. We have all the human, product sources to take care of your project. We have successfully dealt with high raises and rental properties over the last 10 years.