Siema Kitchen and Bath has been established since 2005. The company first started off as a renovation company owned by four brothers. Now we specialize in Italian cabinetry. One of our goals and objectives as a company is to take the best care of our clients. Our top priority is to gain the satisfaction from clients based off our products and services.

Our first showroom opened on Cambie Street focusing only on high-end vanities and lavatory supplies. Siema was influenced by Scavolini’s worldwide popularity, Siema chose Scavolini because they offer a wide range of products and design. Scavolini is one of the lead companies which suit our B.C sustainability design requirements. The high end design can satisfy all the experts in the industry.

Scavolini’s wide range of products helps us and our customers find everything they are looking for, we’re essentially a one stop shop. Scavolini’s best designers took care of product design as well as quality control, it helps Siema clients to easily choose according to their space, taste, budgets without being concerned about their millwork design or the quality of products.

Scavolini has three headquarter offices located in Miami, Las Vegas and New York, with their constant assistance on a daily basis it allows us to provide better services for our clients.  Siema’s Scavolini showroom opened in 2008. Our first four Scavolini kitchen displays were Mood, Scenery, Flirt and Crystal line. At this time Siema instantly found satisfaction in our clients with Scavolini products. We merged our two showrooms once we relocated to our current showroom located at 1854 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver B.C.

At Siema Kitchen and Bath we have a saying “It’s not us selling Scavolini products; it’s the products that sell themselves”.