Double sink


If you are renovating your bathroom then choosing to have a double sink vanity is a viable choice for you. With different styles of vanities there has to be one that fits your taste. Here are some things you may want to consider.

Sink Space

Your bathroom routines have now become your own oasis. By adding an extra sink you now have room to yourself. It makes those Monday morning rituals a dream. The person washing their hands now doesn’t need to speed through while dodging the toothpaste from the person brushing their teeth. No matter the actions you will no longer be moving at someone else’s pace.


Adding another sink requires more space. Will there be enough room for two bodies and two sinks? You will have a sink to yourself but you might still be wrestling for space. Another thing to consider is the counter space. By having no space between the sinks you will now be fighting for not only space around you but space for your things.

Formio 1500

Formio 1500 double sink in charcoal grey glossy lacquer finish
Work around

If you don’t have the space and are still keen on having two sinks you could always expand up and down. Building shelves can provide that extra counter space you are looking for. Some vanities with surface-mounted sinks can also provide a little space for a soap dispenser and supplies cup.

Formio medicine cabinet charcoal grey glossy finish

contemporary bathroom vanity